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What a vacation!! We cannot thank you enough for everything and all the "firsts" that we’ve had on this trip! Your knowledge and passion is absolutely contagious. Thank you so much for teaching us to sail, catch lobsters, snorkel, and appreciate the sea life! We truly appreciate the patience and giving us both the tools needed to be safe sailors.

Benjamin and Alexandria

Wow! We came out looking for an adventure, how to sail and maybe some fun. We came away with stories of the sea, bellies filled with treasures from the depths, more laughs than either of us has had in years. I am so proud of what we learned, filled with joy & gratefulness and thankful for a wonderful, eccentric, true woman pirate of the sea. I will never forget this experience.

Ponka Ponka and Mama

Captain Jenn, What an incredible week. What a great experience this has been. The trip will always be remembered with fond memories. You are a great teacher and a truly inspirational lady. Best of luck with all your adventures. P.S. Now can you let Terry out of the foredeck locker? He’ll be good.

Terry, Stephen and Michael

Wow Jenn, you are certainly unlike anyone we've ever met! You are so capable and certainly deserve this award you won today! The whole thing was exciting, fun, sometimes scary! Thanks for making my trip "outside the box" happen. Chris appreciates everything you've done to show him the ropes. We better start saving our pennies! You are awesome!

Chris and Marlene

Jenn, you are an amazing example of a wonder woman! You are a patient, smart and precise teacher. You pay great attention to detail and give us the time to master everything. We loved the food, the company, the music and the positive atmosphere. Couldn't be better. We, too, feel a new sense of empowerment to seek adventures in sailing. 

Rosie, Alex and Suzy

Captain Jenn, we'll remember this experience for the rest of our lives. On the way home, my son turned to me in the most sincere and heartfelt way and said, "Thanks for taking me on this trip, Dad." Of course that is the best thing a father could hear. It was an incredible experience for all of us.

Elward Family