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Sunshine Coast Adventures

Her Ladyship Sailing School for women

Her Ladyship Sailing is an extension of Sunshine Coast Adventures, a successful charter and adventure sailing business based in Key Largo in the upper Florida Keys, about an hour south of Miami, FL. Click here to learn more!

Sunshine Coast Adventures

American Sailing AssociationMany women prefer to gain sailing skills in a positive learning environment with other women. This provides a relaxed and fun atmosphere without the pressure of competition that can arise in mixed-gender situations. We have taught hundreds of women how to sail using this successful formula. If you are looking for a sailing school for women, look no further!
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  • Are you a novice sailor eager to learn the basics?
  • Want to improve your existing skills?
  • Thinking about buying a boat?
  • Want to learn how to dock a boat with confidence?
  • Want to become an efficient 1st mate?
  • Have dreams of being a licensed captain?

We can help you reach your goals!

Looking for more information about pricing and scheduling? Click here to learn more about our sailing classes for women.


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Sunshine Coast Adventures
Sunshine Coast Adventures


Sunshine Coast Adventures Sailing School and Charters

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