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And in other news...
Capt Jenn has been voted 3 times (2009-2010-2012) Outstanding Sailing Instructor by the American Sailing Association.

Sunshine Coast Adventures

Anne learning to sailWhew-So many memories and good times these past 7 days! You have been a superb captain, host, and instructor! I will remember so many moments of Joy :-) Flying fish, Fair Winds, Pounding Nights, Fuel Filters, Wonderful dinners, and lots of laughs! Thank you for an exceptional Extended Version of 106! We hope to see you soon again, dear sailor. Love Ann, (February 9, 2010, Ann Brainard)

Ladies in the sailing classroomCapt Jenn,
"Some things have to be experienced as mere description can not suffice-this week was one of those things. I came to gain ASA101-104
and I walk away with so much more- increased confidence, increased serenity, increased focus on good life values. Karen

On the sailboatCaptains Jeff and Jenn!
Goal: ASA101-103
Expectations met and exceeded beyond anything I had imagined.
Cleanest, best maintained, most organized yacht I have had the pleasure of sailing on. Indian Summer was most kind and forgiving to this lubber.

The sailing expertise of you both begets an unusually excellent and thorough manner in your teaching. Practice shows. Patience of Job helps. I lack superlatives to adequately describe the food so i'll stick with fantastic!

Finally, the time spent with people of a higher sensibility helps to re-connect some neuro- chemical pathways. Just what an ol' mountain "geezer" needed!!
Cheyenne Mountain Mike
6800ft Colorado Springs

Couples sailing classes in Key LargoThank you captains Jeff and Jenn!
We learned so much this week. You and Jeff made it so much fun. You removed this anxiety of taking a boat out on our own. It's also comforting to know we're not the only crazy ones. Keep in touch. Juanita & George, Ontario, Canada

My son and I thank you for a wonderful 5 days! You are and were everything we expected, and more. You have a gift, and we thank you for sharing it with us. There will be lots of good memories for many years to come.
Pirates, Larry and Talon.

LobsterDear Capt Jenn,
Thank you is not enough of an expression to show how appreciative we are for all you did for me and my family. You gave me an unforgettable week of learning about sailing and having fun doing it. You have given me new perspective on life. Thank you-
See you soon again. Rita B. Maryland

Thanks for the awesome week. Time flew by, but I had a fantastic time. It was a great adventre, and you were the perfect guide and teacher. I hope this is a start to a long life of sailing for me, because you have shown how much fun and excitement there is to the ocean. Let me know if anyone buy my tree. Dr Ray

Family sailing adventures Dear Jenn,
It has been a few days since we returned from an adventure of a lifetime for all of us. It was so much more than a sailing school. You surpassed all our expectations.

Your approach to life inspires all those around you. You filled us with enthusiasm to do things that most of people just dream of. You are a great leader and a Captain of great patience and authority. Wow!!! I know we will always be thinking back to our pirate lives and the monkeys.

I can't wait to do it again....

Mama Pirate, Rocket Pirate and Doctor Pirate

Jen- Only two events in my life were greater gifts than the last three days spent with you and Indian Summer. They were the births of my children and grandchild. This was truly a life altering experience. Thanks for all your love and patience. In New England when we have an Indian Summer is it a rare gift....and so are you. Love and Peace, Carolyn

sailing adventure for womenJen- You are extraordinarily gifted! Thank you so much for many "lessons" learned, your superb cuisine, your patience, your guts to keep us doing man overboard again and again!!! your music, and just your love of adventure-and being able to share yourself! You've inspired me -and you'll hear more later-Ann

Jsunset in the Keysenn-You are a fantastic teacher! Your patience is extraordinary. You have really found your calling in life. Good for you and keep doing what you love! Thanks for a great 4 days. -Gary K.

I could not imagine a better 5 days at sea! If you're going to sea, I say go with captain Jen! I don't know what I enjoyed more; the wonderful blue sea & skies or your great attitude and sense of humour! And the food was great too! It was like Chicken Salad Days:0)" -Sally

Pirates!Jenn, you are terrific! You definitely have the right sail plan. Thank you for your patience and your many many lessons. I learned a lot. Most of all thank you for your wisdom and your friendship. You inspired me. We'll do it again- Bob

What a perfect week. Sally, Brian and I each got something different from our expedition. Your ability to understand and adapt to each our needs is remarkable. Thanks for sharing your obvious love of sailing and the Keys with us. We look forward to seeing you in Annapolis" -Matt

Jen, I had such a wonderful time sailing with you for the Bareboat course! You've a fantastic instructor, a great cook and very cool lady.
Jay W.

happy sailorsDan and I got back to Vermont last night. While we're adjusting to being back in New England weather, we can't stop talking about our 3 days with you. We can't thank you enough for all you did to make our course such a special experience. You are a wonderful teacher and we learned so much, but you also went far beyond instruction and gave us so many great memories to keep. We loved sailing to a little-known coral reef to snorkel and sailing beyond the reef where I saw flying fish for the first time and water indescribably beautiful shade of blue. And I Florida Keys sunsetcan't forget almost reeling in a barracuda! I absolutely loved my first experience with anchoring out-waking up in the middle of the night and going up on deck to find myself far from shore under a clear, star-lit sky was simply magical.  Thank you  for sharing all of this with us, along with your company and your crepes! We're s glad to have gotten to know you and we loved every minute of our time aboard Indian Summer II. We look forward to practicing what you taught us as soon as the ice melts up here! -Chris and Dan.

Thanks for a great trip. Spending a week on your boat was like spending a week in heaven. I learned so much about sailing because you are a great teacher. -Alex Rubbin

3 boys snorkelingI am writing on behalf of M. Lisovich. He so thoroughly enjoyed his Seabase experience, and in large part because of you. Most of what we heard from him about the trip was about you, your linage and your music. As a leader in the Scouting program, I am grateful to you for all that you do and hope that you enjoy your time with the many crew you escort as much as they do with you. -Andrew Barnett

We caught a fish!A strong word of thanks to you for your important role in making our week in the Keys such a success. You have a terrific manner as a teacher and leader. You taught all of us a great deal about sailing and the ocean and yet you did so in a way which made the learning entertaining and most enjoyable. -Harold R. Burroughs

Thanks for a great cruise last week, it was fantastic. Here a picture of our big catch, what a beauty. I think my son now understands my love of the sea and has a healthy love of it all his own. Thanks for being part of it. -Scott Gerdeman

Big Tuna!Thanks again for an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. On the way home, my son turned to me and in a most sincere and heartfelt way said “Thanks for taking me on this trip Dad”- Of course, that is the best thing a father could hear. -Jon Elward

A once in a lifetime experience, in the absolute best sense of that term. I fantasized about this trip and planned it for 2 years. The reality of the actual experience exceeded the fantasy in every particular. And, while the weather, water clarity, etc contributed, you and your particular style played a very large role in final result. We are thus in your debt. -John Woods

girls learning to sailI have heard so much about Capt. Jenny over the last few weeks that I had to add my Thanks. Rex said you really went out of your way to make the trip a great experience for them. I appreciate your kindness to my family (and for bringing them safely back to shore) -Laura Sneider

We all greatly enjoyed our week in your “ place” Thanks so much! You provided entertainment and excitement every day-all day. We loved it! -Your friends Troop 476

Your love of the sea eminates thru your pores. Your enthusiasm and fun made life in the sun a lot of fun. We really appreciate your effort and patience. -Harold M.

Florida Keys sailing schoolThis was one of the best weeks of my life. The lobsters were great and I learned so much. -Drew

You have touched the lives of all of us with your love of everything that is good in our world. Your knowledge and patience will stick with everyone of us for a long long time. -Dan Tito

Wow- what a wonderful weekend. You helped me overcome my fear of sailing. God bless you and keep singing. -Susan Yeck

Florida Key sailing schoolI could have not asked for a more fun captain for our new adventure. You made everything so special. Outstanding instructor and such tasty meals. -Ann Carvey

Thank you for making this trip such a wonderful vacation. I learned so much and had such a good time. A good captain like you makes this happen. I don’t know how I will be able to go back to the real world. -Kelly Carvey

Learn to sail on the Indian SummerIt has been a blast! I know I’ve learned so much. Our first day of sailing was a “whopper” but your demeanor kept us calm. You are quite a young woman. You made our trip wonderful. You are very knowledgeable, but also patient-a perfect teacher. Thank you for a terrific trip.-Donna Evans

This has been a wonderful experience-because of you and great shipmates. I am so in awe of your abilities and your joie-de-vivre and always had confidence in you, even in our hurricane winds.-Jean Stakeas

Thank you for eliminating my fears and pushing hard otherwise I’d still be scared and lazy. -Leona Withlo

SailboatI have to say that this trip has given me more confidence in my sailing ability and knowledge than I could have ever gained on my own. It’s been great having my questions answered and my understandings clarified. You are a great and patient teacher. - Joana Laskas

You are the best- a born teacher and the patience of Job. This is a trip I will remember and enjoy retelling as the years go by. -Susan

ladies on the Indian SummerYou are an awesome captain and a terrific role model. You have renewed my fascination and love for sailing. I am ready to once again take on the Chesapeake with my Cal 25. - Sue O’Brien Knox

This experience has opened up a world of unlimited possibilities. Having kids has kept me caught up in their lives and forgot about myself. This will help me bring them into my world of interests. - Gabriela Roush

Boy Scout TroopThanks for an amazingly fun, relaxing and adventurous time building confidence, learning from engine-doctor, best all time female sailor, fabulous crepe-chef and many more! Jen, you rock and may all your dreams come true.
-Corine de Boer

Excellent trip-have gained confidence and feel more empowered, Capt. Jen was certainly the rose of the trip. Highly recommend to all woman who have the need to grow. -Leslie Woods

new friendsThanks for all your help and advice on living aboard. I’ve learned a lot of practical tips ( like blowing through the AC hose and check the oil) and also had a lot of fun. I’ve gained so much more confidence-especially with backing up, and docking. -Christy Tinnes

It was great! Thanks for your patience. I can’t believe how much I was able to learn in such a short period. -Linda Alexander

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